About BANR Enterprises

The following is an excerpt from a Newspaper article titled:

“BANR Enterprises digs in with versatility, experience”- The Nugget Newspaper // April 28, 2021

Scott Davis owner of BANR Enterprises Inc. is proud to be a native Oregonian. He literally grew up in the trade that would form the basis for his career.

“I grew up big time in the logging-road-building business,” he said. “That’s my background.”

That logging-road-building business was a family business, and the values it instilled in him were carried forward when he decided to set out on his own in the early 1990s. That’s when he got heavily into the demanding world of civil contracting.

Customer service is at the top of Davis’ list of core values, no matter whether the client is an agency, a big corporation, or a local homeowner.

In fact, he believes that customer service is the basis for integrity and success in any endeavor. Responsiveness is important to every client.

It boils down to one key premise:

“You have got to follow through,” he said.

With that commitment firmly in mind, Davis is part of every job his company undertakes.

“I will be the guy who comes out and talks to my customers,” he said.

Davis’ commitment to his customers extends to a practice that might be thought unusual in the construction field.

“We reach out to our competitors (with work) if they meet our standards,” Davis said.

And, he is eager to note, there are such contractors in Sisters, and he thinks of them as “trusted partners.”

Thirty years of experience on virtually every conceivable kind of job has made BANR a go-to contractor that lives up to the informal company motto:

“When the going gets tough, even the tough turn to us.”

BANR Enterprises retains facilities in Tualatin in the Willamette Valley, but Davis and his family have been full-time Sisters residents for several years now. Landing in Central Oregon was a long-term prospect that was always in the cards. From his youth, Davis was often in the region for work.

“I had a lot of exposure to Central Oregon, and I always loved it,” he said.

A friend located a spot in Sisters he thought Davis and his family would like, and they decided to make the move. The company is still a regional player, but this is home now.

“We cover a lot of real estate,” Davis said. “We work all over the place — but our headquarters is in Sisters.”

Davis is acutely aware that he’s now one of the old lions of the construction industry — and he’s concerned that fewer young people are going into the trades. In fact, he said, over the past 20 years, one of the challenges of his business has been to learn to maximize the ability to manage jobs efficiently and effectively with a small — and shrinking— labor pool.

He’d like to have a hand in seeing that trend reversed. He believes strongly in the value of the work he has dedicated his life to and sees great potential for young people who want to “work for a reason,” as he puts it.

“There are huge opportunities for young people,” he said. “I’m going to be happy to talk to any young man or young lady who wants to work.”